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PROFITABLE BEER BAR with SBA Loan for approved Buyer

This Beer Bar serves only the Finest and Rarest Craft Beers on Tap and in Bottles from around the world and has developed a loyal following of clients who crave both great beer and lots of fun. It is located in the heart of the West San Fernando Valley.  To keep it interesting and to draw people back, the owner changes the beer selection on a regular basis. In fact the beers change so much you can join the Beer Lovers Club. This bar was voted one of top 10 Craft Beer Bar's in California. 

This business has a Cult like Following, the clientele just LOVE this place, they say its like Family - a Real Life CHEERS. With over 1,700 likes on Facebook and an ever growing Twitter following it makes it easy to reach your guests with the New Beers being offered on tap or any other special promotions you may be having coming up. Then the Yelp reviews just keep coming in, at 4 1/2 stars++ clearly the guests feel at home in this place.

Enjoy various games with a friend or one of their contests and test your skills as you savor that new beer on tap. There are also a number of TV's that are always showing the Sports Games all year long.

As an Owner operated business its a goldmine, current owner has cut his work schedule to only 2 days a week and profits still remain high. Sales have been increasing year over year. Last years sales were $360,192 with an adjusted net earnings of $145,500++ and 2018 is ahead of last year. Owner is looking to move from the area and open another business. Because of the distance and the hands on nature of the operation he feels it best to turn over this very unique operation to someone who can continue it's success.

The business is very limited on the food being served as there is no "Kitchen" per se but there is a steamer and microwave to prepare the menu items. Because the Business operates under an ABC 42 license no food is required to be sold.

Employee overhead is very small as only one person is needed to run the business at any one time (except on specialty new beer flight nights).The Owner had typically worked 5 days a week (as he loves it here) and had a person that covered the other days and when he wants to take time off. Recently he has hired a full time person and cut his hours back in pursuit of his next venture. With the rent that is very affordable, under 6% of sales (YES THAT IS UNDER 6%) surely helps the bottom line profits.

So don't waste any time on this one,

* Great Earning

* Increasing Sales Yearly,

* Easy Operation,

* FUN Work Atmosphere

We expect this one to go fast!!

Just go to tab "Sign NDA" and after that contact Agent as this is a PRIVATE LISTING! We will need your experience, financials & FICO score before Name is released.

PLEASE Keep Your visit Confidential once you are given address as Guests and Employees will not be aware that the business is for sale. 

This is a a Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. listing.
Restaurant Broker Stuart Schlosser DRE License #01809021


San Fernando Valley
Lease Term:
New Lease
Total Monthly Rent:
Security Deposit:


Last Year's Annual Gross:
Last Year's Owner's Cash Flow:
Last Year's Food Cost %:
Last Year's Rent %:


Liquor License:
# of Full-Time Employees:
# of Part-Time Employees:
# of Working Owners:
Hours Open:
Year Established:


Indoor Seating:
# of Parking Spots:
Inside Sq. Ft.:


  • RENT less than 6% of sales
  • Low Overhead
  • High Profits
  • Year over year Sales Increases
  • Great for OWNER OPERATOR
  • Last year Adjusted Profits Over $150,000


Down Payment:
Will SBA Finance:
Est. Monthly SBA Loan Payment:
Est. Annual Interest Rate:
Will Seller Lend To Buyer:


Population 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2014 Total Population 46,503 180,015 483,281
Households 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2010 Number Of Households 13,635 54,477 162,351
2010 Persons Per Household 3.28 3.16 2.83
Median House Value $357,500 $359,517 $468,149
Income Per Household $61,112 $54,387 $64,102
Businesses 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2009 Number Of Businesses 452 3,896 14,434
2012 Number Of Employees 6,076 81,206 341,538
2012 Total Annual Payroll $75,579,000 $1,216,407,000 $4,294,967,295

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Notice: The User (that's you reading this) of this Website understands that Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. ("Broker") or its agent(s) do not audit or verify any above information given to or gathered by Broker or its agent(s) from Seller, our Client, or make any warranties or representations as to its accuracy or completeness of the information provided, nor in any way guarantee future business performance. The User should perform a complete and detailed due diligence on the business and or real estate before buying it.  In some cases, foreward looking statements may have been made but these statements are absolutely no guarantees of future performance of the business as each User has differing skills sets to either grow the business or kill the business.  Owning a business is a risky venture, but can also be a rewarding one.  The User of this website is solely responsible to examine and investigate the Business and or real estate, its assets, liabilities, financial statements, tax returns, and any other facts which might influence the User's purchase decision or the price the User is willing to pay. Any decision by User to purchase the Business shall be based solely on User's own investigation and that of User's legal, tax, and other advisors and not that of Broker or its agent(s). Any listing information may change at any time without any notice to User.

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