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About Selling Restaurants a Business Brokerage Firm Specializing in Restaurants and Bars is a professional business brokerage firm specializing in restaurant and bar brokerage servicing all food and beverage businesses in the United States. Our restaurant brokerage firm is known for adding value to our client through great customer service, intelligent analysis and valuation, and marketing system that is years ahead of its competition.  We sell the large majority of the businesses we list for sale. 

We attribute our success to not only to our aggressive internet marketing tactics, but to the amount of homework we do before we value and place a business for sale on the market. We look at each business with a fresh-eye; looking deep into the financials; studying the strengths and weaknesses of the business; looking for opportunities and envisioning who the best buyer for the space could be and then designing a marketing strategy around this vision.  

You'll immediately see the difference we can make to your transaction. Our expertise in restaurant brokering is second to none. We have our in-house CPA and Financial Executives, with over 40 years in corporate finance with Fortune 500 companies, who take the time to properly value your business.  

We have a network of trained restaurant brokers through out California and Arizona. Give us a call at 619.892.2765.


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