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Chico~Yuba City

Family Restaurant with Real Estate

Family Restaurant with Real Estate
This Listing is Sold
Family Restaurant with Real Estate (absentee owner) serving breakfast, lunch and dinner located on Major highway. Building is six years old with 3200 sq. ft. and in excellent condition. Building sits on 2/3 acre of land. For investors the monthly lease would be approximately $3500 + NNN a month. Using a cap rate of 6.5% the value of the real estate is $646,000. Annual Gross Sales are currently in the $500,000 making the business worth about $175,000, making the real estate and business worth $821,000. This is a Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. DBA listing.
Broker Mel Jones DRE License #CA00893362 and AZ BR634507000


Chico~Yuba City



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This Listing is Sold


Population 3-mi. 5-mi
2014 Total Population 10,562 13,717
Households 3-mi. 5-mi
2010 Number Of Households 3,154 4,299
2010 Persons Per Household 3.26 3.14
Median House Value $161,000 $168,537
Income Per Household $45,414 $50,172
Businesses 3-mi. 5-mi
2009 Number Of Businesses 92 126
2012 Number Of Employees 1,740 2,738
2012 Total Annual Payroll $25,308,000 $41,040,000

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