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Orange County

Beautiful Restaurant Leasing Opportunity

Beautiful Restaurant Leasing Opportunity
This Listing is Sold

Fabulous opportunity to take over the restaurant in one of So Cal's most desireable Retirement communities. A smart and experienced operator will gain a foothold inside a gated community serving over 18,000 residents.

Current managemt is looking for a team with restaurant experience willing to make a long term committment.

The rent is amazing, the crowd is all yours, and the restaurant is wonderful!

We Leased this restaurant without going to market.  You ought to try using our services if you've though about selling your restaurant or bar.  We sell 70% of our listings in the Orance County Area!

This is a Business Intermediaries, Inc. listing.
Broker Chuck Machado DRE License #01899280


Orange County
Lease Term:
New Lease
Total Monthly Rent:
Security Deposit:


Liquor License:
# of Part-Time Employees:
Hours Open:
Year Established:
Hood System Type 1:


Indoor Seating:
Outdoor Seating:
# of Parking Spots:
Inside Sq. Ft.:
Outside Sq. Ft.:


  • Golf Course Restaurant Opportunity


Will SBA Finance:
Will Seller Lend To Buyer:
This Listing is Sold


Population 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2014 Total Population 18,019 99,703 277,431
Households 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2010 Number Of Households 11,143 39,970 101,398
2010 Persons Per Household 1.42 2.34 2.62
Median House Value $198,300 $415,814 $511,976
Income Per Household $36,675 $79,362 $88,425
Businesses 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2009 Number Of Businesses 135 3,229 8,046
2012 Number Of Employees 2,502 89,504 194,226
2012 Total Annual Payroll $47,727,000 $2,817,006,000 $4,294,967,295

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