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The Best Gourmet Deli Sandwiches You'll Ever Eat - You Can Buy It!

The Best Gourmet Deli Sandwiches You'll Ever Eat - You Can Buy It!


I challenge you to try their pastrami sandwich and tell me it isn't the best you've had!

This deli has operated more than 40 years serving literally the best authentic deli sandwiches with meats piled high and packed with fresh veggies and teeming with flavor all wrapped in the finest bread one can buy. 

The great news, there is so much opportunity to grow this business it's like a mosquito in a nudest colony; so much opportunity the mosquito doesn't know where to start. The owner is getting up in age after nearly 30 years in this business. He's not technology savvy. Being older he doesn't want to bother with the social media scene nor with delivery services such as Postmate or Grubhub.  Nor does he advertise or do any marketing. People just come for the great deli sandwiches!  Nor does he promote the catering business despite having the best product in the area. 

In short, grow this business by doing (1) delivery services, (2) advertising and marketing, and (3) promote the catering business.  This will certainly produce great results!

This business has generated great income for the owner  as evidenced by owning two homes as well as putting his kids through college.

The restaurant is only open 5 days a week from 9-4 and closed all holidays.  Expand the hours and grow the business. 

There will be a new lease for the buyer. 

This is a minimal staffing business. The wife helps with front of the house since Covid hit.  The restaurant closed for 45 days and then opened to big sales.  Again, no delivery services, no marketing, no advertising!  Imagine!

There are 900 Sq. Ft. with a total all-in rent of $3,971 and seating inside for 24 and seating outside for 4. 


This is a Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. listing.
Restaurant Broker Kyle Swanson DRE License #Arizona SA692125000 California 02121077


Ventura Restaurants For Sale
Thousand Oaks Restaurants For Sale
Simi Valley Restaurants For Sale
Lease Term:
New Lease with Similar Terms and Conditions
Total Monthly Rent:


Last Year's Annual Gross:
Last Year's Owner's Cash Flow:
Last Year's Food Cost %:
Last Year's Payroll Cost %:
Last Year's Rent %:


Liquor License:
# of Full-Time Employees:
# of Part-Time Employees:
Hours Open:
9am-4pm Tuesday-Saturday
Year Established:


Indoor Seating:
Outdoor Seating:
# of Parking Spots:
Inside Sq. Ft.:
Outside Sq. Ft.:


  • Greatest Deli Sandwiches in the Ventura and LA Area
  • Amazing Opportunity to Grow This Business
  • Add Delivery
  • Add Catering
  • Add Advertising and Marketing
  • Do the Social Media
  • Reap the huge increase in sale
  • This is a great product


Down Payment:
Will SBA Finance:
Est. Monthly SBA Loan Payment:
Est. Annual Interest Rate:
Will Seller Lend To Buyer:


Population 3-mi. 5-mi
2014 Total Population 37,001 139,186
Households 3-mi. 5-mi
2010 Number Of Households 13,563 51,126
2010 Persons Per Household 2.65 2.67
Median House Value $631,600 $639,989
Income Per Household $104,715 $104,011
Businesses 3-mi. 5-mi
2009 Number Of Businesses 1,797 6,180
2012 Number Of Employees 41,698 142,384
2012 Total Annual Payroll $1,341,189,000 $4,098,002,000

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