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San Fernando Valley

Local Butcher Shop with Low Rent

Local Butcher Shop with Low Rent
This Listing is Expired

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This is a fully equipped Meat Market with all the equipment from saws, grinders, coolers, slicer, display cases, Large walk in cooler and freezer and much more.Located in a very nice community in the North San Fernando Valley. The owners health issues are driving the sale of the business causing the store hours to be reduced, giving a new owner the opportunity to expand the business. 

This could also be a nice little prep kitchen for a commissary for food truck operation. There is no Cooking Equipment presently. A Hood and cooking equipment could be added but due to shopping center restrictions NO Eat IN can be done. With plenty of room to do food preparation and Big Walk-in Cooler and Freezer for storage.

Health Dept Inspector suggested putting a BBQ pit or Smoker out back and offer Cooked Meat Items and Dinners to go.

ANOTHER IDEA is this location could easily convert to a FRESH FISH and SEAFOOD Market, as there is nothing in the area.

Currently this business has become a favorite to the Armenian and Persian communities giving a new owner an opportunity to expand the business to other cultures and communities. The owner does NO advertising or promotion nor does he want to hire people. So the bottom-line is there is plenty of opportunity to grow this business with a marketing minded person who know how to use Social Media.

Some of the Specialties are Lula Kebab, Chicken Lula Kebab, Homemade Beef Sausage (Sujukh & Maane), Lamb Kebab and Chops and Much More. He also carries some very hard to come by items like veal sweetbreads, frog legs and more. There is No PORK being sold here which does limit your customer base.  Their specialty spices, rubs and Homemade Marinades provide endless options for a flavorful meals. 

Owner states his take home income of $3-4,000 per month with limited hours and being closed on Mondays. These earnings are NOT verified by SellingRestaurants and buyer must do their own due diligence to validate Seller's claims.

You can see the pride of ownership when you walk in, as the place is immaculately clean, no meat smells but a nicely displayed meat cooler showing off the fine products and shelves stocked with other specialty items.

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This is a a Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. listing.
Restaurant Broker Stuart Schlosser DRE License #01809021


San Fernando Valley
Lease Term:
Oct 31, 2019 + 5 yr option
Total Monthly Rent:
Security Deposit:


Last Year's Annual Gross:
Last Year's Food Cost %:


# of Working Owners:
Hours Open:
Tues - Sat 9:00AM - 6:30PM
Sun 9:00AM - 2:30PM
Year Established:


# of Parking Spots:
shared lot
Inside Sq. Ft.:


  • Located on Busy Street
  • Very Clean
  • Surrounded by homes and apartment complexes
  • Great Community


Will SBA Finance:
Will Seller Lend To Buyer:
This Listing is Expired


Population 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2014 Total Population 51,546 87,235 261,863
Households 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2010 Number Of Households 16,872 28,642 79,928
2010 Persons Per Household 3.03 2.96 3.21
Median House Value $449,600 $516,254 $439,696
Income Per Household $77,604 $86,491 $67,511
Businesses 1-mi. 3-mi. 5-mi
2009 Number Of Businesses 939 1,461 5,224
2012 Number Of Employees 16,284 25,012 128,820
2012 Total Annual Payroll $241,861,000 $367,136,000 $2,424,130,000

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