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Area: Lake Havasu/Colorado River

Multi-Business Restaurant, Bar, Motel, Retails Shops, RV Park w/Real Estate

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Multi-Business Restaurant, Bar, Motel, Retails Shops, RV Park w/Real Estate
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ABOUT THE BUSINESS: Are you looking to get away from the rat race into a nice quiet town about an hour outside of Las Vegas on the Arizona side of the boarder located in the high country where it doesn't get hot like Las Vegas.  And to make this even a sweeter deal, the business is very profitable.  Oh, did I mention the icing on the cake, the real estate - and there's a lot of it - is included in the sales price?  This business and real estate is selling for just a bit more than twice the annual net income.  

The owners purchased this property about 10 years ago and have built this property into a multi-business money generator and there is lots of opportunity to grow it even more. There are five operating businesses included in the sale: (1) a restaurant, (2) a bar, (3) a motel, (4) a rented retail shops and (5) an RV park rentals.  

Here is where you can grow the business: There's vacant land where one could expand the RV park rental business attracting more snow birds. Or turn the land into a camping site.  Since this is the only motel available on the western rim of the Grand Canyon, one could better promote the motel business to Canadians and Europeans who love this place - it is simple and quiet - on the internet by striking up deals with companies like, or!  One could also attract tourist busses by adding, for example, a southwestern show of some sort helping draw people to the retail businesses, the restaurant and bar. And there is a large city just an hour away with millions of people to draw from with your creative ideas on attracting them to this location. Las Vegas tourists as well as locals could be attracted to this area with special promotions and events such as a bikers Saturday hangout joint or artsy days where nearby artist can display their work.  There have been many movies filmed in this town so it has appeal and can attract people!

The bottom-line here is that you can do just about anything you want in this town and no one is going to complain. 

THE INCOME:  All you need to know here is the owner's cash flow is $225,000!  That's a payback of a little more than two years!  And you'll own the real estate to boot!

THE AREA: This is a high desert location in a small community - the community is not where you draw your main business - tourists are where you'd get your business as well as the folks in Las Vegas. This is an old silver mining town that was a countercultural mecca in the 1960's but has since turned into a peaceful quiet town.  It was founded in the 1840's where it reached a population of 5,000.  The population now is less than 400 but it is an hour away from all the restaurants and entertainment Las Vegas has to offer.  There are beautiful rock formation close-by. 

THE REAL ESTATE: There is about 3.5 acres of land included in the sale and several building structures.  There is a house with four rooms and bathrooms - but no kitchen. Convert this back to motel rooms if you like.  There is a restaurant/bar building with a full kitchen, a motel structure whereby most of the rooms have thick adobe walls and there are 8 RV Park spaces.  I estimate half the land is vacant.  And there are three retail buildings as well that are all rented out. 

REASON FOR SELLING: Owners are at the retirement age and want to return to their home in Rhode Island. 

FINANCING: Owner will consider carrying 40% of the purchase price. Owner will also consider doing a trade.

This is a Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. Listing, a California Corporation and licensed by the Arizona Department of Real Estate, Mel Jones Designated Broker. 

This is a Paramount Restaurant Brokers, Inc. DBA listing.
Broker Mel Jones DRE License #00893362
Listing Status:
Down Payment:
Lake Havasu/Colorado River
Last Year's Annual Gross:
Last Year's Owner's Cash Flow:
Liquor License:
Indoor Seating:
# of Parking Spots:
# of Full-Time Employees:
# of Family Employees:
Hours Open:
Mon-Fri 11AM - 8PM

Sat-Sun 8AM - 8PM
Year Established:
Hood System Type 1:
  • 5 Businesses Included with Purchase of 3.5 Acres of Real Estate
  • Restaurant and Bar Business.
  • 10 Room Motel - Expandable to 16
  • 3 Rented Retail Shops
  • RV Park with 8 Spaces Expandable to Many, Many more
  • Only Motel on Western Rim Entrance of Grand Canyon
  • Grow Business by Adding Tourist Attraction - like Show - to attract bus tours
  • Only an hour or so from Las Vegas
  • High Desert - Cooler Temps - Lots of Sunshine
  • Living Quarters on Site - no Kitchen Though.
  • Bring Your New Energy and Grow This Business!
  • Hard Liquor License #12

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