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Area: Lake Havasu/Colorado River


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Every now and then I run across a restaurant that I am completely taken by surprise. Located a just down the road from the beautiful Colorado river, boarding California and Arizona, where all the boating takes place, and just off highway 95 is a diamond in the desert, this 50's style Diner takes you back in time when cruising was the thing to do on a Saturday night and Elvis was The King.

The Restaurant opened in May of 2010 and serves home style comfort food to locals and travelers alike. Being located next to the Colorado River its does a booming business to winter visitors and has solid sales.

This Diner is the only one of its kind in the area and the rent is Low at only $1,200 per month. But if you’re truly looking for the American Dream and would rather not pay rent, then buy the real estate for $300,000. 

Please take a look at all the photos this is truly a beautiful restaurant. The kitchen is well equipped and super clean. It has a large walk-in cooler with a pass through freezer.

The owners currently own a large successful restaurant in the area since December 2003. The demands to run two business had proven to put a strain on them and reluctantly they would like to sell to the right buyer.  And if you can run a restaurant, no doubt you'll increase the sales!

This restaurant has 4 full time and 4-part time employees. Staff is well trained and has a loyal local clientele.

If a person was ever looking for a fun restaurant with plenty of room to grow the business, then take a close look at this beautiful restaurant. 

To see all the wonderful photos of this restaurants please visit our website at and to get more information including the location of this business. 

owner has a # 7 liquor license not reflected in the price

This is a MJS Business Sales, LLC. and Arizona Limited Liability Company listing.
Broker Michael Shanley DRE License #BR035540000
Listing Status:
Lake Havasu/Colorado River
Lease Information:
3 or 5 Years
Total Monthly Rent:
Indoor Seating:
# of Full-Time Employees:
# of Part-Time Employees:
# of Family Employees:
Hours Open:
summers hours:
thur,fri,sat: 7:30to 9pm
mon,tues,wed: 7:30 to 3pm
Sun: closed
Year Established:
Inside Sq. Ft.:
Hood System Type 1:
  • 50's Style Diner
  • River Location
  • Lots of Upside
  • Real Estate Available

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