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IRS Fails to Follow Rules

Oct 22, 2014
Article #262
Author: Pete Muffoletto

The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TGITA) has found that the Internal Revenue Service has failed to follow proper procedures in 90% of the cases reviewed in relationship when issuing a notice of its intent to issue a levy on taxpayer assets.

The report by the TGITA which performed a statistical analysis, albeit small, of the IRS Automated Collection System  (ACS) found that taxpayers who were assessed through ACS, as well as manual levies determined that 90 percent of those issued levies did not receive proper notice of the intent of the IRS to levy after an additional assessment was made on a tax period listed on the levy.


IRS management admitted to that they have had problems but have made computer programming changes to correct this problem.


When taxpayers fail to pay delinquent taxes, the IRS has the authority to seize assets held by banks, financial institutions, and other third parties holding taxpayer assets. The law requires the IRS to notify taxpayers at least 30 calendar days prior to the issuance of a levy so that the taxpayer has an opportunity to resolve the problem with the IRS either through payment, or entering into an installment arrangement to pay the taxes in question. Failure by the IRS to properly notify a taxpayer does not give the taxpayer an opportunity to resolve the problem prior to IRS seizure.   

The TIGTA has recommended that the IRS issue interim guidance and retrain both collection and revenue officers as to this problem.

What the TGITA forgets is that the IRS is the collection agency for the U.S. Government who just this last month paid $387,000 for Swedish Massages for rabbits, yes your read that correctly, rabbits.

If the IRS is not allowed to plunder taxpayer assets, how are the rabbits going to get their massages?

Something is wrong here, not saying what, but something is horribly wrong.

Your Government At Work!

Remember to vote in November.


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