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Death of a Property Flier - Real Estate Fliers Are Dinosaurs!

Sep 1, 2016
Article #343
Author: Mel Jones

It is 2016!  Media in the past 25 years has drastically, and sometimes violently, changed our world and the information we access. Yet today it shocks me that so many commercial and business brokers still prepare PDF file fliers for the properties they sell. 

Why does it shock me?  Because the internet is the perfect "flier" for any property. It is easily accessed, it is always there for any one to see at any time they want to see it, there is no technology issues opening the webpage unlike PDF files which can be a pain at time, and best of all, there is no broker involved in e-mailing a flier.  

The internet has empowered buyers of businesses and commercial real estate to gather information about a property quicker than ever before.  So why slow that process down?  The old PDF "Fliers" are dinosaurs and we all know what happen to them. 

So if your broker is preparing fliers on your property and e-mailing them to buyers, the chances are he or she is losing buyers for your property.  Perhaps that's one reason why SellingRestaurants sells at least 50% of every thing we list compared to an industry average of 10%.


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