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These Restaurant Business Brokers Are The Best

I am in Indianapolis at the moment and return to Phoenix tonight.  I might try to go out there as a customer and have lunch or take out pizza to see the place. Rest assured I will not say anything to your client.  I used to have two pizzerias years ago, one in Chandler and one in Tempe.  I sold the one in Tempe through one of your associates Ruel Couch. So I know how the process works and I won't violate your trust.  Quite frankly, I wish more business brokers would use your system, I love it compared to the CIA background check some people make you go through to get a one page description and summation P&L!   : )

This looks promising for me.  I have the experience and I know the market there. A bit sparsely populated, but now is the time to get back in as the housing market is in full bloom again and will be rising for several more years in my opinion.


Robby R.

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