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I received this note from one of our readers and this is why I do what I do...

"Hello my name is Carl Rossi I have been a chef for over 24 years and love what I do. I am currently at lons at the hermosa and have been for 6.5 yrs. enough about me for now. I just wanted to say how valuable your knowledge is to me and I read everything you post like its the bible. Call me crazy and that's ok however I find it very fascinating and intreging as well as educational as you want it. Thank you for the posts I will never know everything and I'm ok with that but I do know one thing and that's success I believe is based on at least 90% respect. I know that much but I will continue everyday to educate myself so that someday I may soon be able to call myself an owner. Have a great day! I will never give up or stop being curious about the future and my career and where it will take me.

Chef Carl Rossi

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