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Selling My Restaurant Through SellingRestaurants Made Me Money

"To whom it Concerns:

I have been working with SellingRestaurants for about two years and made more money from them then all my businesses combined this year. When I first spoke with SellingRestaurants, they suggested a building in Southern California that I had no interest in since I live in Sacramento. They insisted I see it. When I finally flew down there, I was impressed but not convinced. SellingRestaurants got me demographical information as well as a great overall picture of the market and the potential for this site. After hearing his "sales pitch," I did my own research and found SellingRestaurants was absolutely honest in their assessment. I acquired the building and have made what most people would consider a fortune. About six months ago, SellingRestaurants again presented another opportunity whereby the end result was the property was valued at more than twice the purchase price. SellingRestaurants is not a money making machine, rather they are excellent at identifying opportunities where most brokers see challenges. Beyond the financial return, SellingRestaurants has provided me with something greater...TRUST! Whenever I have needed anything, SellingRestaurants is there to help. I have called perhaps 10 times or more for favors above and beyond the call of duty, even after a deal has closed. When SellingRestaurants says "If you need any thing, just call me" they mean it! SellingRestuarants has not let me down. SellingRestaurants is not pushy, they are honest, and an EXTREMELY hard working team. I rarely trust people and I'm proud to include them as part of my circle of friends."

Harwinder Bisla
Buyer and Seller of Restaurant Properties
Bisla Properties, LLC
Sacramento, CA.

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