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I Was New at Buying a Business and Mel Jones Held My Hand

Dear SellingRestaurants:

I just can't tell you how excited I am about buying Ernie's Interlude!  I've owned it for two months and I have never been so happy!  You took the time to find me a business that fits me like a glove.  This is my dream business!  In two months sales are up 20%.  The employees are happier.  I've dropped the pour costs from the mid-forty percent to mid-twenty percent range!  SellingRestaurants was another dream come true.  You handled my deal like a professional; but with kindness and caring.  You pointed-out the strengths and weaknesses of the business and you were right-on.  You held my hand through the closing process.   Buying a business seemed so daunting to me. I never thought a brokerage company could be so good to work with.  I look forward to buying my next bar through you very soon.  Thanks again SellingRestaurants!

Diane Hisao

Owner, Ernie's Interlude 

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