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Arizona Restaurant Realtor Mel Jones

I think I might know more about restaurant realtors than the average person.  Why?  I've had 4 of them.  I've done business with 4 different Restaurant Brokers here in the Valley, and Mel is clearly the best out of all of them.  I'll explain why.  

Now most of them are "nice."  They are polite, they will try to sell your restaurant.  If your restaurant is an easy sale, they'll get it done.  They all have years of experience, they are all competent.  What separates the boys from the men, so to speak, is when the restaurant is not so easy to sell.  

And that was my case.  This wasn't an easy sell.  It wasn't the most visible location.  And since I am related to the Landlord, I needed to make sure that the new owners are "right" for the shopping center, that they will help the shopping center, not hurt it.  

The first realtor that I hired, he takes 2 pics, throws an add in bizbuysell, and says "we'll call you when we get some action."  2 months later not one call.  They didn't do any work.  After the first day I never saw them again.  Seems the biggest effort they did was in trying to get me to sign a 6-month agreement.  Luckily I didn't.  2nd company takes better pics, again puts the ad on bizbuy sell, puts another ad on their own website, and after 2 months they've had 0 showings, but they said there is a guy from chicago who did time in prison for racketeering that wants to buy.  Sorry, I can't do that to the other tenants.  I can't make these things up.  3rd guy more like the first guy, puts up a mediocre ad and sits around.  

O.k. now we get to Mel.  Why is Mel better than the others?  There are several reasons, but IMO the most important reason- technology.  ONLY Mel has national outreach technology, his site has all sorts of ways of reaching out to buyers all over the country.  He gets thousands of hits because he doesn't just put an ad and wait for buyers to contact him, he is reaching out to buyers constantly.  He is pro-active.  I don't know all the details, but I know it works.  He uses keywords and searches for buyers, not just wait for buyers to call him.  We start getting calls from people all over USA.  In the end, the buyers that we found were from the East Coast, and wanted to move to Scottsdale.  Scottsdale itself became a selling-point for my restaurant.   

Another thing that Mel did very well was to make a high quality Video and take lots of good pictures.  He also wrote good words for the ad.  We had about 8 showings and had interest from a few, and in the end we actually were able to choose the buyers that we wanted, not the other way around where most people take the first buyer that comes to the table with a decent offer.  

A few other good things about Mel's company, is weekly updates.  You aren't forgotten.  You get an email every time there is any sort of activity.  

Now I know I can walk away from my business in peace, secure in the knowledge that we have a very nice family coming in to take over the space, and that the wil be a great addition to the shopping center. 

If you have a restaurant that is easy to sell and you don't care about service, go with whomever you choose.  But if you want great service, the very best technology, a fantastic video & pics... then go with Mel.  Take my advice, I just saved you months and months of aggravation.  

Thank you Mel for a great job!  



Marco's Italian Restaurant

Scottsdale AZ. 

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