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Aug 28, 2011
Article #74
Author: U.S. Government www.SBA.Gov

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For some entrepreneurs, buying an existing business represents less of a gamble than starting a new business from scratch. While the opportunity may be less risky in some aspects, you must perform due diligence to ensure that you’re fully aware of the terms of the purchase.

  • Choosing a Business 
If you've decided to buy an existing business, you'll want to be sure you're making the right choice in your new venture. Only you can determine the right business for your needs; however, the following topics can help...
  • Sales Agreement for Buying a Business 
The sales agreement is the key document in buying the business assets or stock of a corporation. You need to review the document in minute detail to make sure it outlines the terms you have agreed to. It is in this agreement that...
  • Doing Due Diligence As you become a small business owner, there are items that need to be addressed before entering into any business agreements or transactions. Taking care of these requirements will prevent potential harm to your business. The...
  • Checklist for Closing On a Business 
The business you have been dreaming of is almost yours! The closing is the final step in the process of buying the business. Keep in mind that you should have legal counsel available to review all documentation necessary for the...
  • Determining the Value of a Business Before you make any purchase, you want to know what you're paying for, right? The same is especially true when you are acquiring a business. Before purchasing your business, you need to determine the value of the business and...
  • Doing Research for Purchasing a BusinessOnce you've found a business that you would like to buy, it's important to conduct a thorough, objective investigation. Look into every aspect of the business, verifying whether the owner's stated reasons for selling are...

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