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Rental Property - Motel for Sale in Stockton CA

Price: $950,000
Down Pmt: $275,000
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Rental Property for Sale Details:

* This is a rental apartment space or monthly motel accodemation property for sale.

* The property generate about $26,000 per month gross rental income, as per owner.


Motel area has 12 rooms plus managers room. (ALL INCLUDE CABLE TV)

Managers room= $800 a month (deducted for management expense)
Room 1-4 = Daily rental rooms for nightly stays
Room 5= Assistant managers room- Rent is $600 a month - $300 management fees.
Room 6 & 7 = Monthly room with no kitchen- $600 a month
Room 8-12 = Monthly room with kitchen- $700 a month
STUDIO UNITS with kitchen
ROOM 14-17 = $600 a month
Individual Studio units with no connecting neighbors
Room- 18-22 = $600 a month
Room 23- 1 bedroom unit = $700 a month
DUPLEX on property
A- $700 month for 1 bedroom unit
B- $800 a month for 2 bedroom with living room and kitchen
ROW A = 7 mobile homes.
ROW B=  4 mobile homes with space to add 2 more mobile homes in lane
ROW C= 4 Mobile homes with space to add 2 more mobile homes in lane
ROW D= 7 mobile homes with space to add 1 or 2 more mobile homes. 
Mobile homes pricing range from $340 a month - $550 a month. 
* Broker has not verify or audited the rental income and expenses. Buyer should complete its own investigations.

* The property is about 3.38 acres of lot size estimated and located in heart of Stockton City.

* The income is generated from room rental mostly on monthly basis, mobile home parking rents, and R.V. parking rents.

* It seems good investment for an investor who need regular monthly income and also the advantage of price appreciation of property later.

* Some rentals are from long time on month to month basis. which provide consistency of income.

* Currently there is loan of about $600,000 on property which is assumable to buyer at 7% interest and $3800 per month payment.

* With about $275,000 down payment, owner can finance the deal for qualified buyer.

* Disclosure: The county has filed property condition and other violations for the property. Seller shall not repair that and buyer should investigate it before buying.

* Buyer should check the zoning, permits, property condition violations, and usage applicable from city/county office.

This is Western Singh Brokers listing

General Information
Listing Status: Expired
Price: $950,000
Down Payment: $275,000
Location: Stockton Businesses For Sale
# of Family Employees: 1
Lot Sq. Ft.: 147,600
  • Owner Financing Available.

  • Good rental income based on price.

  • Ample parking area.

  • Located in middle of Stockton City.

  • About 3.38 acres of lot size.

ADDITIONAL LISTING INFORMATION: NOTICE TO BUYERS: This business opportunity and/or real estate is listed by Western Singh Business Brokers ("Broker"). Visitor ("Buyer") understands that Broker or its agent(s) does not audit or verify any and all above mentioned information (not limited to sales, building size, lot size, margins, profits) given to or gathered by Broker or its agent(s) or make any warranty or representation as to its accuracy or completeness, nor in any way guarantee future business performance. Buyer is solely responsible to examine and investigate the Business, its assets, liabilities, financial statements, tax returns, and any other facts which might influence Buyer's purchase decision or the price Buyer is willing to pay. Any decision by Buyer to purchase the Business shall be based solely on Buyer's own investigation and that of Buyer's legal, tax, and other advisers and not that of Broker or its agent(s). Any listing information may change at any time without any notice. Buyer acknowledge that by using this website and inquring about any listings on this website shall not establish any agent and principal relationship between Western Singh Brokers and the Buyer. Western Singh Brokers is or will always be exclusive agent of seller only during any discussions or activities related to any listings on this website.

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Western Singh Business Brokers helps buy and sell businesses for sale like gas stations, liquor stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, local markets, coin laundry, tabacco shop, cigarette stores, smoke shops, restaurants, and franchise businesses. Western Singh Business Brokers is serving in california in areas like modesto, sacramento, stockton, ripon, manteca, lodi, lathrop, elk grove, galt, tracy, livermore, dublin, pleasanton, alameda, merced, madera, ceres, turlock, hilmar, gustine, newman, los banos, delhi, denair, livingston, clovis, fresno, tulare, sonora, jackson, amador, roseville, placer county, el dorado hills, citrus heights, and other northern california area. 


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