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SellingRestaurants is the industry leader in restaurants for sale and restaurants for lease primarily due to its strong internet presence and the use of the BBMT Platform giving it the edge over all other brokerage houses. Our name says it all! SellingRestaurants is all we do! 

The SellingRestaurants' brand is known worldwide for professionalism, industry knowledge, expert valuations, and unmatched service in the restaurant brokerage business. Others may try to copy our technolgy and business model, but our technology platform and people set us apart from every broker. We're second to none with servicing and filling our customer's needs, that's why thousands of restaurant and bar owners have trusted us to sell their business.  We sell more than 50% of every restaurant we list for sale.

Whether you are in the market to buy a restaurant, lease a restaurant, or sell a restaurant, the SellingRestaurants Internet advantage combined with our professional and well trained agents, will give you the competitive edge to accomplish your goals. 

The SellingRestaurants leadership team is headed by Mel Jones, the industry expert, with more than $11 billion in transactions completed and thousands of restaurants sold.  Under his leadership, SellingRestaurants has become the fastest growing restaurant brokerage firm in the nation. is the nation's most sophisticated Internet Technology platform for restaurant buyers and restaurant sellers. We deliver an online confidentiality agreement, 24 hour access to restaurant listing information, photographs, the address, and even videos via our state of the art platform. Become a member for free today to get access to the latest restaurant listings.

Selling Your Restaurant - An Exit Strategy Often Overlooked!
You've been operating your restaurant for years. You never thought you were going to sell it. But now its time to sell and suddenly you realize you never thought about one very important point related to selling...

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Curiosity Didn't Kill The Cat, It Built Great Companies and Our Country!
One of the most underrated talents one can have is curiosity. But you'll never find universities teaching course in curiosity; yet it has created some of the largest corporations in the world and some of the great people in history. In fact, as a child, we're discouraged to be curious, often being labeled as ADD or troublemakers. Our teachers didn't know what to do with curious people. As a child I would take things apart, trying to figure out how they worked...and always having a screw or two left over when I reassembled it.

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So You're Buying a Restaurant and Wondering How Much It Is Worth....
It seems that everyday someone contacts me from around the world wanting me to value a restaurant they're buying and practically every time they are paying way too much. Most brokers don't understand the restaurant business...

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The $540,000 Seller Blunders! Your Broker is Your Partner!
Providing material information regarding your personal and business situation early during the listing process can make or break a deal. It isn't the time to be proud or withhold critical information; rather your broker is your partner in the transaction (afterall he's taking a percentage of your equity) so treat him or her as a wise business advisor.

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